Makeup 101 Workshop

Like most women you probably have a drawer of product you have no idea what to do with! What colours work for you, how do you create a great everyday look, how do you apply so it lasts all day, what should you be doing with your brow shape and how the heck do you do all this in 5 minutes every morning?!

We are so excited for our next Makeup Basics Workshop lead by our director Tara Cowles, May 26th noon - 2pm. Come and join us at Artists Within Makeup Academy and learn how to create the perfect everyday makeup look. Look flawless, fresh and put together in minutes everyday!

The Artists Within Team xo

AW03 MAQUILLAGE, developed in New York, is being celebrated by professional artists and clients alike due to the smooth flawless finish and outstanding textures of the line.

AW03 carries a wide range of colours and products to suit everyones needs. It is highly pigmented, hypoallergenic, has buildable coverage and is designed to last.

Colours are updated seasonally with a strong runway influence, which consistently retains a modern feel to the line. The vast majority of the products are mineral based offering true technological innovation. The high tech formula will keep any application looking radiant and smooth all day long.

Whatever your makeup needs, AW03 MAQUILLAGE has you covered. From your basics such as primer, foundation, BB Cream, concealer & powder to our beautiful highlight & contour products, custom palettes, renowned lip colours and he latest trend collections.