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Tara's Favorites


What’s the one thing you struggle with or love as you age? The older I get the better my skin looks...or the better I allow it to look because I apply less makeup! I get asked about my skin and my daily makeup application a lot! The trick is allowing your natural glow that we all have, to be enhanced not covered. Here’s my routine that I follow daily, all @aw03maquillage

*Foundation Primer - This allows my makeup to last all day, even through a @barrebelleyyc class!
*Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation - I LOVE this! Goes on as a cream and sets, giving great coverage that looks dewy and fresh
*Full coverage concealer - Under the eyes only where needed, I use very sparingly
*Pressed Illuminating Powder - I use this instead of powder with a large brush for an all over glow *Pressed Illuminating Powder in Bronze - I naturally have stronger cheekbones so never contour, instead I use this in the apple of my cheeks to again create more glow and luminosity *Eye primer - This prevents shadow creasing or fading all day and gets rid of any redness or darkness on the lid
*Liquid Eyeshadow - My fav product! A swipe on the lid, goes on as cream and sets until you take it off! *Taupe Eyeshadow - The perfect matte shade that I apply slightly above the eye crease to cheat more lift to the eye.
*Volumizing Mascara - Gives thick luscious lashes! *Brow Balm - A Brow gel that creates a really soft but defined brow.
Then I add whatever liner and lip I’m feeling, but this is always my base! It sounds like a lot, but I find I need very little of each product to create a flawless but natural vibe. We can talk about the things I don’t like about aging another day!

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