Our packages are designed to work together. Each gives you a fool proof formula and all the products needed to create your chosen look. Start with one and build up as you go!

#1 Face Kit - Femme

#2 Face Kit - Minx

#3 Face Kit - Bardot


# 4 The flawless face package

Foundation primer . Mineral powder foundation . Big powder brush . Small powder brush

 Translucent powder . Full coverage concealer . Foundation brush . Spot concealer brush


#1 Contains your basics, the canvas for everything. These will be your staple products, everything changes but these stay the same!

  • Face primer
  • Mineral powder foundation
  • Big powder brush
  • Small powder brush
  • Translucent powder
  • Full coverage concealer
  • Foundation brush
  • Spot concealer brush

Here's how:

Step one - Using your fingertips apply a pump of face primer over your face after applying your moisturizer. Blend over the face and neck.

Step two - Using your foundation brush apply the mineral powder foundation over the face and neck. Apply to large areas such as the cheeks and forehead first which will prevent a large build up of product in areas that are not easy to work around such as the nose. Work across the the face and down onto the neck until the product is blended with no streaky areas.

Step three - Using your spot concealer brush apply the concealer under the eye area and any areas of redness or darkness. When working under the eyes apply only to the areas needing coverage, use the tip of the brush to smooth out edges and then press with your ring finger to ensure a perfect blend. Remember less is more!

Step four - Apply your translucent powder with the small powder brush to all areas just concealed using a pressing rather than wiping motion to really set.

Step five - Finish the setting process with the large powder brush. Press the translucent powder all over the face to set perfectly.

Step six - Admire your handy work knowing that your flawless face will last all day long and no one will mention how great your makeup looks, they will all believe that you woke up looking this perfect!

$215 - Click below to purchase

*Available in Linen, Cream Beige, Tender Beige, Vanilla Beige, Sandy Beige & Almond

linin . cream beige . tender beige . vanilla beige . sandy beige . almond


#5 The perfect brow package

Brow Brush . Highlighter Brow Duo

 Brow Balm (shown in brunette) . Clear Brow Gel

#2 Contains all you need for the perfect brows. Brows are the most important part of your face, highlighting and framing everything!

  • Brow brush
  • Highlighter brow duo 
  • Brow balm
  • Brow gel

Here's how:

Step one - Follow the diagram below and map out where your brow should start, arch and end. Use the brow brush and measure from the side of the nose straight up to find the starting point, then from the outer side of the iris straight up to find the highest point of the arch and finally from the corner of the nose again out toward the outer edge of the eye to find where the brow should end. 

Brow shaping.jpg


Step two - Using the brow brush apply a small amount of brow balm to the upper brow line feathering the desired outline shape. Keep in mind the shape you have just mapped out. Once you have your outline shape use feathery strokes again to fill in any areas that are sparse or need shaping. Repeat this process along the underside of the brow if you like more definition.                                                                                                             *Tip - don't draw a shape at the front of the brow, let brow hair look natural here.

Step three - Once you are happy with your shape use the brow gel to set brushing upward and out.

Step four - Use the matte end of the highlighter brow duo to define the underside of the front of the brow and the sheeny side to define under the brow arch.

Step five - Admire how beautifully defined your eyes are looking with the perfect brows you just created!

*Available in blonde, brunette & deep brunette

$90 - Click here to purchase


#6 Dewy sun-kissed perfection package

Blush and Glow Palette

BB Cream . Hydra Gloss in 'Blush' . Highlight & Glow Duo brush


#3 Contains all you need to create that beautiful fresh dewy glow without looking like you tried! 

  • Blush & Glow Palette
  • BB cream
  • Hydra Gloss in 'Blush'
  • Highlight & Glow Duo brush

Here's how:

Step one - Using the foundation brush from package #1, apply a touch of BB cream, working over the face where coverage is needed only. Lightly set with your translucent powder and large powder brush from Package #1.

Step two - Using the rounded end of the highlight & glow duo brush work the highlighter (bottom right) from the blush & glow palette over your faceApply lightly all over focusing more on the cheek bone, temple area and down the centre of the nose 

Step three - Using the angled end of the highlight & glow duo brush and the contour powder (top right) from the blush & glow palette, blend underneath the cheek bone working from the hairline to the centre of the cheek (if you're not sure where underneath your cheek bone is suck your cheeks in and the hollow under the bone is where you should apply). The great thing about the angled end of the highlight & glow duo brush is that because of the width of the bristles it will fan out and do the blending for you!

Step four - Using the angled end of the highlight & glow duo brush and apply the blush colour of your choice to the apple of the cheek blending out toward the hair line. If you aren't sure where the apple is smile and apply to the roundest area of the cheek blending outward toward the hairline. This will add a pretty flush to the face.

Step five - Using the rounded end and blush colour blend all across the eyelid from lash line to brow bone. We love this technique as the width of the brush fills in the whole lid leaving and beautiful fresh wash of colour.

Step six - Finish off the look with the perfect natural lip colour, hydra gloss in 'blush'.

Step seven - Admire that beautiful glow that looks like you just stepped off a beach or finished a fabulous workout without going anywhere!

* Available in light, medium & medium deep (BB Cream Shades)

$140 - Click below  to purchase

light . medium . deep

#7 Smokey Eye Package

'Champage' eyeshadow pallet

Eye primer . Liquid eyeshadow in 'Eclipse' . Gel eyeliner in 'Majesty' . Luxury HD mascara

Eye concealer primer brush . All over eye blender brush . Big shader fluff brush  . Mini smudger brush


#4 Contains all you need to create the perfect smokey eye. Whether you want to create something suitable for the day or rock it out for an event, this is the key!

  • 'Champagne' eyeshadow palette
  • Eye primer
  • Liquid eyeshadow in 'Eclipse'
  • Gel eyeliner pencil in 'Majesty'
  • Luxury HD mascara
  • Eye concealer primer brush
  • All over eye blender brush
  • Big shader fluff brush
  • Mini smudger brush

Here's how:

Step one - Use the eye concealer primer brush and apply a touch of eye primer over the full eyelid from lash line to brow bone. 

Step two - Apply a touch of the liquid eyeshadow in 'eclipse' to the inner eye area using the same eye concealer primer brush.

Step three - Apply the gel eyeliner pencil in 'majesty' close to the lash line starting at the outer side of the eye and work about half way across the lid. Make the liner about half as thick as you want your smokey eye to be keeping in mind that the liner will probably double in size as you blend. 

Step four - Use your mini smudge brush and blend the outer line of the liner upward and outward until the line has faded (think of a sunset!)            *Tip - only blend the very outer edge of the liner, if you start blending into the middle of the liner your dark area will spread too much.

Step five - Using the 'all over eye blender brush' choose the lightest of the five colours from your champagne eyeshadow palette, and apply under the brow bone. Now use the second lightest colour and blend over the eyelid and underneath the eye. Finish with the third lightest colour blended into the crease and outer under eye area. 

Step six - Using the mini smudge brush apply the second darkest colour and press over top of the liner you have applied working upward and outward to cover the liner applied. Extend slightly past the edge of the liner to phase the edge of eyeshadow colour. Add a touch of this darker shade underneath the eye focusing on the very outer third. (Using a pressing motion rather than blending will place the colour without fall out on to the face) 

Step seven - Finish the smokey eye with the darkest colour pressed into the outer quarter of the upper and lower lash line to create more drama.

Step eight - Using the big shader fluff brush blend out any edges you see so you have a beautifully diffused finish that looks like a sunset going from light to dark 

Step nine - For a more dramatic look apply the gel eyeliner pencil onto the upper and lower waterline, squeezing eyes closed tightly to distribute evenly. Re-apply for extra intensity.                                                                                                                                                                                    *Tip - If you are over 40 hesitate adding this step and keep the smokey eye focused only on the top lid.

Step ten - Finish off with lashings of luxury HD mascara!

Step eleven - Go strut your stuff with your sultry bedroom eyes!

$190 - Click below to purchase

#8 Lip Perfection package

#5 Contains all you need to create the perfect matte lip that will look flawlessly perfect, lasting for hours. 

  • Liquid to Matte lipstick 
  • Waterproof Lipliner 

Here's how:

Step one - When applying the rest of your look keep it nice and natural so your lip can be the focus of the look. An option would be to work with tips from look #3 for a fresh fun vibe. the matte lip will give the finish a polished feel.

Step two - When applying your foundation and powder remember to apply to the lips too, this will give you a great base for your products to adhere to.

Step three - Using feathery strokes apply the waterproof lipliner pencil to the outer lip line to create the basic shape desired.                                   *Tip - try to work with your lip closed so you can see the true shape.

Step four - Fill in the lip with the waterproof lipliner pencil working from the outer lip line to the centre of the lip. Focus on fading the colour as you get closer to the inner area which will give the illusion of a fuller lip.

Step five - Fill the lip using the wand of the liquid to matte lipstick. Apply one light coat to the bottom lip and press your lips together. 

Step six - Finish off by running the wand around the lip line to create a crisp even edge. 

Step seven - Love your flawlessly perfect lips that will last for hours.....but no kissing!

*Available in Flirt, Ritzy, Berry Berry, Sweetie, Doll & Cosmo with coordinating lip liner pencils*

$40 - Click below to purchase

Flirt . Ritzy . Berry Berry . Sweetie . Doll . Cosmo